THE 10 is the name for the ten sessions in a typical Rolfing® treatment.  Session by session, the Rolfer works systematically through the body to release muscles and connective tissue, and create alignment throughout the whole body. Every session is a continuation of the last, and a perfect preparation for the next.



Sessions 1-2

Sessions 1 and 2 work to build a foundation by adding support and stability to your body. This helps prepare the body for the lengthening, balancing, and realigning that will come in future sessions. 

Sessions 3-7

Sessions 3 to 7 work to lengthen, realign, and balance all dimensions of the body. This helps improve posture and cut compensation patterns which leads to freer movements and less pain. 

Sessions 8-10

Sessions 8 to 10 are where we get everything working together through biomechanics and proper movement. More fluid and efficient movements are possible now that your body is in alignment. This will help your body avoid misalignments and injuries in the future.