Auto Injuries


“I started working with Casey following a car accident that exacerbated old injuries and left me with a few new ones. Working with him has been instrumental to my recovery.”


Casey is passionate about helping to get individuals out of pain and believes that Rolfing is the best form of manual therapy to deal with the intricacies of trauma and injury. Many people find relief through Rolfing from injuries that did not respond to just chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture or massage – although these can be valuable additions to treatment.


Injuries can surface later

Car accident injuries aren’t always immediately apparent, and may take several weeks to be fully noticeable. This is due to you moving differently from the injury and creating compensation patterns over time. We recommend coming in for a consultation to have Rolfer Casey Gates assess your injuries as soon as you are able to get in after an accident.

Rolfing is highly effective

Casey himself found Rolfing after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle. After a year of back pain, he discovered life-changing relief through Rolfing and became a practitioner in order to help others get out of pain. Read more of his story here.


Rolfing can help with whiplash, neck and joint stiffness, neck pain, headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, and other injuries from car accidents.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

If you experience a car accident injury, the state of Oregon mandates that the PIP (Personal Injury Protection) on your auto insurance pays for up to $15,000 of your medical care at no cost to you. Pedestrians, drivers, passengers or bicyclists in motel vehicle accidents are all legally entitled to receive medical care regardless of who was at fault, and for up to one year after the accident. The law also allows you to seek care from the licensed health care practitioners of your choice.

We bill insurance for you

We directly bill your auto insurance company, so it’s an easy process for you with no out of pocket costs.